An Idiot Abroad

Well, I have joined the masses. Both those who are traveling abroad, and those who have started blogs about it. And since I'm conforming, what better way to start this blog than with a numbered list - Buzzfeed style.  

In less than a week, I will be leaving for a 10 week journey abroad. Though I'll begin my adventure in Spain, the majority of my time abroad will be spent in Brighton, England! For those who are well versed in the ways of geography you'll notice that's NOT London. Obviously I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity and I'm itching to get going. But now that it's getting so close I can't help but feel nervous. So here are 9 ways I'm converting my nerves to excitement. 

9. The Pitch Perfect 2 Sound Track 

Not only was this movie international (the girls compete in the world competition) but singing along to a compilation of acapella songs, including a rendition of Insane In The Membrane with a German accent, could calm anyone down.   

8. Speaking with an English Accent

I do this a lot already, but there's just something calming about knowing that at any point I could switch from stupid American to silly Englishman. 

7. Pictures of Corgi's 

First and foremost, the Queen has corgi's. And as I'm constantly reminded by the Brit in my life, there is no one more BA than the Queen. Aside from that, their stubby, little legs just make me happy!

6. Captioning my Future Instagram Posts

As anyone with an Instagram knows, creating the perfect caption can be a struggle, especially for those of us not endowed with the quick wit gene. So why not let someone more eloquent say it? I've lined up lots of quotes for all the cliche and obligatory pictures I'm going to take. Now I just need a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and the "basicness" cycle will be complete. 

5. Replacing Fahrenheit with Celsius 

This one I was forced into. That silly Brit decided it would be a good idea to change my phone's weather settings, and it took me way longer than I'll admit to figure out how to change it back. 

4. Eating French Fries (aka chips) as a Snack

Because I obviously need to prepare myself for the mass amounts of chippy's in England... 

3. Sleeping in an Upright Position

Lets be honest, even in first class, sleeping on a plane is never a comfortable endeavor. So this week I thought why not sleep sitting up, with my neck at funny angles, surrounded by plastic tubs? That way when it comes time to board the plane it will feel just like home. 

2. Turning Everything into a Drinking Game 

Direct quote from my student handbook "Pub culture is a large part of English social life." So, even if I'm not drinking alcohol, this week everything from checking my watch to going swimming is now a drinking game. Though most people drink beer in pubs and I'm still not sure how to get myself excited for that... 

1. Bingeing on British Media 

This is the big one. If you asked my friends to describe me, most of them would probably include "obsessed with all things British" within the top three. Marathons of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Top Gear, An Idiot Abroad, Sherlock, and many more will be happening this week. As well as constant jam sessions to One Direction (I'm not ashamed), Don Broco, Enter Shikari, and others. If you've never heard of something on that list, check it out. You won't be sorry. 


I can't wait to begin my adventures abroad. Thank you for taking the time to indulge my nonsense and I hope you enjoyed! Although I am definitely going to use this as a way to document my time across the pond, hopefully, my rants and rambles will continue when I return home to the states. Who knows, I may hate it, but it's something I've always wanted to try. So here goes. 



Taylor Wingfield. taylor at littlewingnut dot com.